About Us

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Carolina Foundation Repairs has been repairing, restoring and creating strong foundations in Eastern North Carolina since 1995. Having completed more than 2,000 projects they have the experience, knowledge, tools and expertise to bring your building’s foundation, crawl space, chimney or other structural component back to full integrity.  Carolina Foundation Repair is owned by Sean Corcoran, a professionally licensed engineer who takes on every job as a unique challenge and throughly assesses each project individually to be sure all causes are treated, not just the symptoms that are visible.  Not only does Sean and his crew have the experience to do it right, they have the RIGHT tools equipment and inventory for any job no matter how big or small, complex or simple.

Don’t trust your most valuable asset to some fly by night contractor working out of his home or truck.  Get a life of structure warranty by calling the best qualified most experienced name in the business…. Carolina Foundation Repair.

Here are a few pictures of what it takes to get the job done right!

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Stock of Helical Piers & Extensions
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Helical Piers
IMG 3056
Helical Piers and Lifting Brackets
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Mini Excavator
IMG 3058
Excavator and Bobcat Loader