Residential Foundation Repair

Each year thousands of homeowners are faced with the need for foundation repairs due to settlement. Most settlement is caused by:

– Construction upon improperly compacted soils / fill or organic materials / debris

– Excessive moisture, poor drainage or flooding

– Soil movement or erosion due to slope

– Poor initial construction methods or errors

Interior Symptoms:

– Cracking in floor surfaces

– Sloping floors or doors and windows that don’t align

– Cracking of plaster or sheetrock walls

Exterior Symptoms:

– Cracks in foundation walls or brick wall

– Pulling and separation of windows and doors from surrounding siding and trim

Do cracks in your sheet rock or brick walls give you nightmares? Do you cringe when you look at your leaning chimney? Are gaps around doors and windows raising your utility bills and causing unwanted drafts in your house? Then you have come to the right place. Carolina Foundation Repairs understands the foundation problems in Eastern North Carolina and offers both Hydraulically Driven & Helical Pier systems to stabilize or restore even the most severe settlement.

Using the latest in foundation repair technology, quality repair products and knowledge gained from over 2,000 structural repair projects in Eastern North Carolina, our foundation repair experts will connect your home with solid ground and raise it back to its solid level condition.