Leaning Chimney Repair

Because chimneys are the heaviest portion of the house per square foot they are often the first to settle and show signs of foundation problems. Most chimney foundations are connected to home foundation which gives them more support on the side connected to the house. As the outside of the chimney foundation sinks it causes the top of the chimney to lean away from the house. Leaning chimneys are a common problem in eastern North Carolina due to the soft sandy soil and high water table.

When the chimney footing is sinking, it not only decreases the value of your home, it also creates a serious safety hazard. The weight of a chimney can cause faster settlement of the home foundation, and the problem usually becomes worse. There are many methods of repair, but only one is cost effective and a permanent solution. Don’t let a contractor talk you into strapping or tying the chimney to the house. Call the chimney repair experts at Carolina Foundation Repair and have them fix your leaning chimney permanently.